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Special Events acquired the entire catalogue of Law Matches from PM video in 2006. This was done to preserve the style and expert skill of pro wrestling exhibited by the wrestlers in the mid to late 90's. In a few years, fans won't be able to see wrestling like this, and although the PGWA started it all by featuring GrudgeMatches back in early 1992, Miss Priscilla followed in the PGWA footsteps featuring some excellent matches with some of the same girls that proved wrestling to be a 'sport' more than a 'show' that is often presented today.

Special Events bought the rights to the collection and is looking forward to sharing the collection with wrestling fans. Of the many offers to buy this collection, Miss Priscilla acknowledged her confidence in Special Events to preserve the talent of the LAW collection for many years to come.

LAW certainly has to be considered a part of wrestling history and preserved for fans to enjoy in the years to come.

These LAW matches are offered as downloads, and sold for much less than initally offered when first released. Special Events, who own the PGWA promotion and LadySports.com was happy to acquire this collection of some of the best wrestlers during that time.

In the past these videos were only available as VHS tapes at $49.95 each. Now is your chance to view the videos as downloads at only 14.95!.

As you know, it features some very special ladies that the PGWA was very proud of... Brandi Collins, and Molly McShane both Rookie of the Year award winners. Lexie Fyfe is part of this LAW collection, and certainly the PGWA is honored to have her as a past PGWA Champion. Other wrestlers that the PGWA worked with are Brandi Alexander, Brittany Brown, Malia Hosaka and many others that you will see in these matches.

So, fans around the world will enjoy these LAW matches, and will be able to download them to their computers for a look back at the energy, talent, enthusiasm, these young lady wrestlers displayed at the start of their careers.


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